Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Upcoming Official Portfolio Website

Yes~! That's what you have read just now! Soon i will have my own virtual portfolio.
Just wait and see.

Nahh~ Actually this is just one of my assignment to do for the subject of Interactive Multimedia. You heard me, just my assignment only. My batch were so pissed off about this subject. Just because we are using lame (oopss, old) syllabus, we are all have to take this subject again although during in Diploma, we had done this course before. Nevertheless, for me, it's okay as long as i can learn new things from my Super Intelligent lecturer, Mr. Fadhil. If we have the will, there's always the way. My lecturer will teach us all about how to use HTML and some CSS. I think this will be more tough and more challenging.

Here i put my sketch layout of HOME page. I used orange and grey colour for my colour theme. Can't wait to finish them all...