Monday, March 21, 2011


More than 300,000 visitors are expected to throng the third Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, which started on Thursday. Launched by Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, the four-day fiesta will feature 27 top balloonists from 14 countries. Among others, the balloonists are from Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Aside from the thrilling take-offs and daring landings, spectators will be awed by the mere sight of the colourful balloons in various shapes and designs such as the Doraemon balloon from Japan and last year's Darth Vader balloon from Belgium.

The public will also get a chance to witness the inflation of hot air balloons twice a day at 7.30am and 5.30pm. However, the main highlight of the fiesta would be the enchanting Night Glow which is scheduled to take place tonight. Under coded instructions via radio communication, the hot air balloon pilots will create a variety of dazzling effects from three main commands: burn, flicker and flash.

The astounding sequences are set to a special music mix. The main highlight, it will be followed by a fireworks display. Among the many activities children and adults can enjoy during the fiesta are the paramotor flying demonstration, stunt kite demonstration, paper airplane competition and flying fox. Try the tethered hot air balloon rides at only RM5 per child and RM10 per adult. The rides are available from 8am to 11am and 6pm to 9pm.

A 'Clown Balloon' is getting prepared to take off.

A view from the inside of the Balloon's basket(i was riding in this hot air balloon)

Some of the balloon participated.

A Para-motor show.

One of the rider of para-motor.

1 para-motor flew near the monument.

Some contestants in Colouring Contest.

A girl was keen colouring her paper.

There is no age limit. I was so amazed by this brave little girl doing wall-climbing.

Some of the activities that was held in the event. (Panning technique)


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